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How to make easy profits overnight on cryptocurrencies

Iconomi best performers 2020 2021 Knepala Diversitas GoldHorn Crypto Venture
Iconomi best performers 2020 2021 Knepala Diversitas GoldHorn Crypto Venture Liesco Crypto Knowledge Pool
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This guide is designed for you on how to use Iconomi and make easy profits during this market-cycle by doing as little as possible. It is not made to lure you into a trap, steal your money or any other fraudulence activities. I will never ask for your money and you should be aware of this when contacted by someone.

At this time of writing (March 2021) we are still in an early to mid fase of a trending bull-market  It means that in this current phase the percentages will go up way easier in  then it will be in a downward moving phase.

Now you can simply buy Bitcoin or any other of the 1.000 cryptocurrencies available on many trading platforms and just hold it like any other share. And yes HODL’ing your way into the future is very profitable but it will cost you time.


There are times when a specific coin just keeps consolidating for months and not gaining any percentages during that time. In simple words: A coin can easily rise +20% but also retrace back a 5% before making another +10%. So the most profitable way of earning is still by active trading.


Not everyone has the time, energy or interest in doing proper market analysis. Not to mention the psychology and discipline you have to master first before you really start to make any decent profits at all.


That is where the Iconomi trading platform comes to the rescue.


Iconomi is a digital asset platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies or follow strategies of active traders.


The reason why Iconomi is a popular tool for newcomers is that professional traders found their way onto the platform and can now actively trade in your place by asking a performance fee. This fee is only based on the profits the trader makes for you, not your initial capital. (We will explain this later)


Another cool feature is that unlike other trading platforms the minimum entree for copy-trading is only 10€. So that gives you a comfortable edge for you to step safely into the cryptoverse before you deposit more.



Create an account

Register by clicking on the button or the link


Afterwards simply follow the steps provided by the wizard

Next you will need to start your Tier 1 verification. This step is necessary to deposit/withdraw money on the platform. All trading platforms require this (annoying) step. This extra layer of security also confirms believe that they are a certified platform by the government.


You’ll need the following pieces of proof:

  • Picture or scan of your Driver’s license or passport
  • Clear picture of your face
  • Picture or scan of a recent invoice where your address and name is visible

You’ll need to wait a small time for the verification process to be done before you can proceed with the following steps.

Iconomi complete tier verification


Deposit money

To earn money you’ll need to invest money.

You can choose between multiple ways of depositing:


  • Old-school bank transfer (easiest way)
  • Buy crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT or USDC) on other websites and transfer to Iconomi. (See below for a list of websites)
  • Gift Cards

Bank Transfer

Enter a desired amount in the box and press continue.
I advise a minimum of 12-15€ since you’ll be losing a small percentage on fees when investing.
Iconomi choose amount

On the following page you’ll get the details you need to enter on your bank transfer.

A bank transfer typically takes 2 days to 2 weeks.

Since you’ll be doing an international transfer it’s possible you’ll need to edit settings on your bank account for these types of payments.

Iconomi banktransfer deposit

Crypto Transfer

If you already have or bought one of the following assets you can choose to transfer these to the Iconomi Platform


  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • USD Coin (USDC)
  • Tether (USDT)
Iconomi crypto transfer

You’ll need to send crypto of the selected coin to the address that has been given to you on the next page.

Attention! Check the address twice before sending any crypto. If you send to the wrong address the chance is small you’ll never see it again.

Iconomi send crypto to bitcoin address

Gift Cards

I frequently hand out gift cards worth 12.5€ to welcome new people to the world of crypto. Check below if there are any available or contact us directly so we can put you on the waiting list.

(To meet the requirements for a free gift card you’ll need to register an account using our referral link so we can double check the identity)

Iconomi free gift card

We have 6 Gift cards remaining.

First come, first served. Contact us!


Follow a strategy

This is where the true power of Iconomi lays. Crypto Strategies managers are able to monetize their knowledge by generating returns for followers (investors), and in turn, be rewarded with a performance fee for their skills (Only on the profits they make for you). While followers (investors) can be sure that when the market goes down, and the Crypto Strategy is not performing well, they are spared the fees.

You can buy & sell at any time. The strategy manager will never own your money. They can only shift the percentages of the assets they have chosen in the strategy.

Here you can browse through the many strategies and have an insight how good the selected strategy is performing..

Iconomi Crypto strategies

… and click on one of the many strategies available for you.

Iconomi best performers 2020 2021 Knepala Diversitas GoldHorn Crypto Venture Liesco Crypto Knowledge Pool

However, I advise you to click on ‘View all

Iconomi view all strategies

Click on ‘Crypto Strategies

Iconomi show crypto strategies

Click on ‘Show returns

Iconomi show returns

Sort on ‘3M (3 Months)

Iconomi show returns

Click on a strategy you feel comfortable with

When you clicked on a strategy you’ll enter the dashboard of this specific strategy.

You can get a more detailed performance graph.

Knepala strategy on Iconomi with the proper strategy performance

Click on ‘Add funds‘ to buy

Note: whenever you want to sell the following steps will work in the same way.

Knepala strategy on Iconomi

Choose the asset you want to add

Knepala choose asset on Iconomi

Enter the amount you want to add and click on ‘Preview

Knepala add funds on Iconomi

Click on ‘Place order‘ to complete the follow-strategy

Knepala place order on Iconomi


If you need more help, you can contact us directly through one of the many contact methods and we will get to you in a short period of time. You can find us in the footer of the website. We will gladly help you with all of your questions. Wether it is that you are having a hard time understanding this guide or you want to find a good moment to enter. Don’t hesitate!

Tips to give you an extra edge

Our advice is to don’t touch your investment for at least a couple of months. You could enter at a bad moment where the market is consolidating for a next move. This can take several days to weeks. But when it moves, it moves hard & fast.

Best moment is to enter the market on a dip. If you are not sure we advice you to spread your money over several days/weeks.​

This a general golden investment rule. Don’t go all in if your personal life can’t afford losing any money at the moment. Also a good night sleep is as equally important to winning, you don’t want to be stressed out too much.

The market will undergo many corrections before reaching the top. If you want to outsmart the market you need to be active all the time. These traders on Iconomi know what they are doing and focus on making you money instead of losing money.

These strategy managers will do the work for you. Even when the market starts to flip to the negative side they will come up with a plan. Oh, and also don’t go check your portfolio every 5 minutes or you’ll drive yourself crazy. Go read a book, watch a movie, play a game or take a walk.

Links for the advanced experience

If you think you are ready and want to be in control of your own actions we can suggest you some good exchanges and websites.

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Bitvavo Exchange

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